Isolation Transformer Info Needed

Robert Lawson w4rl at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sun Jan 7 16:39:25 EST 2001

Fellow BA'er,

I need information on the folowing UTC (Universal Transformer Corp ?)
isolation transformers that I have ie models R-72 and R-73. I need the
wattage ratings for them. Of note, when I use the R-72 with my
Hallicrafters S-53A for a hour or more, the R-72 becomes warm to the
touch. Not hot, just good and warm. The paper sticker on the back of the
S-53A reads "50 Watts". When used with the R-73 isolation transformer it
is cool to the touch after hours of operation. Is there a web page for
such UTC isolation transformers?

Thanks in advance.


Robert WPE4FGR W4RL Pensacola Florida

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