D 104 microphone elements

Lee Bahr w5drc at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Jan 7 22:22:28 EST 2001

It's been my experience they are SUPPOSED to be the same, but for some
reason early production elements made prior to the amplified days seem
to sound better then those produced later on. I'd suspect the
manufacturing process changed somewhere along the way.  By the way, you
can dramatically change the bass response by changing the grid load
resistor value. Also, the crystal elements are easily fractured from
heat, so some out there could be damaged.  Also, I have seen plenty of
old cartridges damaged from mechanical abuse to the aluminum sound
capturing cone disc placed on the front of the element too.  (the
Lee Bahr  w0vt

"John W. King" wrote:
> I have several D 104 microphones and some sound better than others. One
> of them once utilized a pre-amp that someone took out of the circuit by
> by-passing it. It sounds very poor and has very low output. My question
> is whether anyone has any reliable information whether ALL Astatic D104
> microphone elements are the same or whether those microphones with
> pre-amps get a different element...thus the poor audio quality and low
> output when the pre-amp is disabled. If you have extensive experience
> with D 104 microphones, I will appreciate information and proven
> suggestions for better sound from the microphones for use with solid
> state and tube rigs. Thanks and 73, John, K5PGW

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