Wed Jan 10 11:40:48 EST 2001

   I need to sell my Morrow "station" to purchase needed modern
radio gear for emergency communications here in Florida.  (Need a
Kenwood TH-D7A/G and to upgrade my HF rig.)

   The Morrows are rated "very scarce" by Osterman's and other
experts.  (I would not be parting with them were there another option.)

   The MBR-5 receiver has been physically cleaned and electrically
refurbished by a friend, the MB-560 transmitter could use further
cosmetic cleaning but has been restored and tested electrically.  (I
have a complete copy of the manual set as well.)

   Information about the Morrows may be viewed at my Web site: (the site needs
work but is functional with pictures, etc.)

   I acquired an AC supply from Canada that is of the same era
as the Morrows.  It belonged to the famous Spilsbury SB-50
mobile/portable rigs.  It has been modified and tested with
the Morrows.

   I also acquired a Swan DC-DC vibrator that is also from the same
era.  It has not yet been tested and the buyer would probably want to
substitute solid-state vibrator-replacements (quieter and cleaner).  The
station is wired up with all necessary cables and a t/r switch.

   Asking $350. shipped in the continental US.

   Also have the following for sale:

Kenwood TS-180S vintage solid state HF.  160-10m incl. WARC and digital
   display w/memories.  Solid rig recently peaked by a qualified technician.
   (no accessories) Asking $350. shipped conus.
Precision E-2000D vintage solid state Sig. Gen. 100khz-216mhz Exc. Cond.
   with original manual, box, cables, etc.  Asking $55. conus
Eico 722 (someone modified it for solid state)  Asking $15. conus
Heath  AM-1  Asking $15. conus

Thanks!  Doc  KD4E

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