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Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Fri Jan 12 07:54:02 EST 2001

I had some free time over the holidays and busted ass. <grin>
Here's the current status of the projects.

I-177 series:
Minor updates and other little changes. Current version
posted for download is Contains settings
data from more sources than you'd ever dream. <grin>
This data should work with any of the pre-war Hickok design
testers that use the A and B type selector switches. See my
site and/or the I-177 settings file for details.

TV-2 series:
A little minor tweaking and formatting changes. Current
version posted for download is This contains
settings data from the 1966 update book and the TV-2B roll

TV-4 series:
Better than 1000 lines typed in so far. All of the data from
the TV-4A flip cards have been typed in. Next, I'll finish
typing in the data for older tubes from the 685/3A manual.
After that, I'll add as many modern tubes as I can, followed
lastly by the instructions. The current version is:
This one isn't posted on the web site. It still requires more
proof reading and has a ways to go before "public" release.
Anyone that wants to take a look can email me and I'll attach
a copy to you. Details on the file are on my TV-4 page.

TV-7 series:
The latest version is It's been available for
download for a couple of weeks ago. I still haven't gotten any
feedback from anyone as far as errors. Is anyone looking? I
know that my typing isn't THAT good. ;-)

Next Project:
The next project planned will be for the Triplett 2413 Tube
Tester. I have a good example of the tester but have zero
documentation on the beast. I'm in need of settings data and
an operators manual. The manuals are supposed to be the same
as the Triplett model 3212. I'd guess that there was a good
number of supplements issued for these two models.

Following that will be the Sencore LC3 tube leakage tester.
I have the internal roll chart but have been told that there
were several updates. I also need the operators manual.

I've had numerous requests as far as creating these settings
files for various model testers. The most common request is for
the TV-3 and TV-10 series. I only do these files for models
of testers that I actually own. As far as the military testers
go, given the current prices, it's very unlikely that I'll ever
own a TV-3 or TV-10 series. If anyone has an extra photocopy
of the TV-10 manual and/or roll chart I'll spend some time and
see if it's possible to convert settings data between the TV-10
series and the TV-7 series.

The above mentioned files are available on my web site at:


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