S-38D "Microphonic" Prob Solved

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Jan 13 20:45:06 EST 2001

My gratitude for all those who wrote and made all those helpful
suggestions. The culprit turned out to be a 12SG7 (whose markings seem
to indicate a manufacture date of 1952!) used as IF Amp & BFO.  The
suspected 12SQ7 sat right next to it and thumping either one of them
would cause almost the exact symptoms.  I finally remembered where I had
put a set of NOS tubes I had bought nearly a year ago (before the "move"
during which time they disappeared) and it was easy after that.  I know
this sounds simple to most of you, but I'm just a rank beginner at this
sort of thing and your help was invaluable.

So, now if I can just get a back for the S-38D and a good frequency dial
with clear, unjumbled markings, I'll be in high cotton!  Does anyone
know how a glass dial with the markings printed on it can end up with
most of the letters crooked, out of place, missing, and just plain
jumbled up?  It's really strange looking.  The markings are actually
printed in raised letters and numbers (like embossing) and I just don't
understand how individual letters can apparently slide around and come
to rest in a different place?????

But -- main message........THANKS TO ALL!


Ron -K5MVR

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