Adjustable metal tape HF antenna

Ed Lambert" "K1ZOK ma.locksmith at JUNO.COM
Sun Jan 14 14:54:56 EST 2001

I have what appears to be an adjustable HF dipole antenna that is made
with two metal tapes which are 20 meters long (marked in meters, not
feet).  I assume the idea is to extend the tapes equally according to
some table and then use the antenna.  I see no mil markings on it, but
who knows.  It looks like something that would be included in a wide
range HF transceiver set.

Unfortunately, one of the tapes has been broken and is only 5 meters in
length.  This pretty much makes it unusable (except for 17 to 10).  This
has a case that is a Bakelite structure about 6 by 10 inches long, 2
inches thick.

Now that I've said this, is anyone interested in this for parts?  Free
for shipping (3 pounds) from 02171.


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