Adjustable metal tape HF antenna

Sun Jan 14 18:25:22 EST 2001

     Back in my Air Force communications days (mainly '60's)
we regularly deployed with KWM-2A's for tactical HF capability.
I was in TAC (Tactical Air Command) at the time and we were
designed to deploy: when the army would go off into the woods,
we went along to set up radar and communications for tactical
air control.
     The measuring tape antennas were standard issue to go along
with the KWM-2A's since they were easily deployed, relatively
foolproof in setting to the right length, and they did the job
as well as any dipoles.  Beat having to cut separate antennas
as frequencies changed.

     73,  Al  N5AIT
  (at that time with the 727th TCS - the "Seven-Deuce")

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