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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed Jan 17 21:53:54 EST 2001

For sale:
(Pictures available at URL shown below)

Hallicrafters S meter - not sure what model
receiver this goes to.
2.25 inches square with rounded corners.<br>
In very good working condition. Will sell for
$15.00 plus shipping.

= = =
Panel meter 0-1 mA DC Weston. Approximately 2.5
inches diameter and in very good working
condition. Will sell for $5.00 plus shipping

= = =
Signal Corps 0-1 mA DC meter, brand new and in
the box. Face plate is marked
'Signal Corps' which looks neat. Approximately
3.125 inches diameter.
I have two of these for sale at $10.00 each.

= = =
Micromatch Model 262 SWR meters, with remote
sensing unit and cable. Mfg by The M.C. Jones
Electronics Co. of Bristol, COnnecticut.
Classic style equipment. This will look GREAT
with any antique
ham radio station! I have two of these. One with
the remote sense unit
in solid metal as pictured here. The other one
has the same meter, but
the remote sensing unit has the normal 'basket
metal' finish. Same color.

Micromatch SWR meters in excellent condition.
Will sell for only $25.00 for each unit.

= = =
B & W Low Pass Filter FL-10/1500 Rated for 1500
Watts, with SO-239 connectors.
Looks really sharp, and in "as-new" condition.
Picture available. Will sell for $25.00 plus

= = =
Drake Low-pass filter. Model TV-100LP with the
bright copper finish.
Has standard SO-239 connectors. Rated for 100
Watts up to 30 MHz.
Picture available. Will sell for $15.00

= = =
General Radio TYPE 200 VARIAC open frame type
0-120V AC at 7.5 Amps

Will sell for $35.00

= = =

Output transformer 20,000 ohms to 600 ohms.
Rated for 5 watts. Will sell for $25.00

= = =
Pictures are available at:


Comments, questions.... e-mail me!

73 de AF4K, Bry

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