FS: Unusual Hallicrafters Items

Dave Hollander davidh at GETNET.COM
Sat Jan 27 13:34:30 EST 2001

I have the following two unusual Hallicrafters items for sale. Click
on the links for pictures

Hallicrafters S-38EM Receiver - This is the unit with the mahogany
cabinet and fake gold trim. Nice shape, partially re-capped, and plays.
Only negative is one incorrect knob - -   $125 + shipping


Hallicrafters CRX-100 Portamon VHF Receiver This is a solid state
portable monitor radio that covers 27-50 MHz. The unit runs off of a 9
volt battery and has a telescoping whip antenna. The CRX-100 was built
by Hallicrafters from 1967-1969. This unit works great. Picked up
signals on 10 meter AM, Citizens Band and some low band VHF signals
while standing out in the yard! - $60 + shipping


Prices do not include shipping. You can check my Ebay feedback if you
like. My user id is:      davidh at getnet.com

73 and tnx for looking,

Dave N7RK


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Boatanchor Collector Extraordinaire preferring Hallicrafters, National
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