Stephens, Al Allan.Stephens at EKU.EDU
Sun Jan 28 17:52:16 EST 2001


     It came along with a Johnson 6 & 2 Meter Converter.  It lives in an
identical case.  E.F. Johnson, says  "Crystal Oscillator" on the front,
and has a five-position switch with positions
        144 -148 - 50 - 5(something - lettering lost) - 52,
going from left-to-right clockwise.
     Single female RCA plug output on rear, and have not tried just
plugging it in since this one has had the AC cord cut off at the rear.
     I'd guess it was something to go with the 6&2 converter since it is
identical size, shape, cabinet, and features 6&2 meter markings.
Necessary for setting ranges on the converter?  If so, howcum nothing
above 52 mHz?
     Appreciate your help, as always - thanks in advance!

     And be sure to get on CX next Sunday!

  73,  Al  N5AIT
allan.stephens at eku.edu

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