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k4kgw k4kgw at MEDIAONE.NET
Mon Jan 29 09:14:10 EST 2001

Due to imminent move to smaller quarters, must sell or trash many
manuals, service notes, test and ham gear.  Following is list of
non-Heath manuals, schematics, etc..  Later posts will list equipment
and Heath items will be posted on the Heath reflector @
heath at

FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE $5.00 each, POSTPAID, mailed in large flat envelope,

Ecophone (Hallicrafters) ED-403, EC-403 Console AM/FM/SW/Phono receiver,
circa 1947/1948, Howard Sams Fotofact set.

EICO Electronic Keyer, Manual copy.

Military Frequency Meter Manual for TS-174B/U (Army Tech Manual
TM-11-5044.  ($10.00). Original Manual--not a copy.

Hallicrafters BC-191-A,B,C,E,F,N, original Tech Manual, TM-11-4017.  79
pages.  $10.00.

Hallicrafters SX-101, Mark 2, Original Manual.

Hallicrafters SX-110, copy of schematic, parts list, alignment,
operation and service data.

Hammarlund Suyper Pro, Army Tech Manual T.O. 31R1-3BC779-1 for
BC-779-A,B; BC-779-A,B; BC-1004-B,C,D * R-129/U.  Also Power Supplies
RA-74-B,C;  RA-84-A,B and RA-94-A.   Also Radio Sets SCR-244-A,B;
SCR-704-AN/FRR-4.  With copy of Arp 61 CQ article entitled, :"The
Ultimate Conversion of the Super Pro Receiver."  $10.00.

The whole shmear totals $50.00.  If anyone wants all of 'em, how about
$40.00, postpaid in a box?  That would save me a lot of stuffing
envelopes and making address labels!



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