I need coax cable connector ID

Scott Johnson scottjohnson1 at HOME.COM
Sat Jul 7 11:57:46 EDT 2001

The connectors you speak of are a british design, and are difficult to
find in the US.  They were used prior to the type N on higher frequency
equipment such as IFF, glideslope receivers, etc.  You may be able to
get them new in England, I just happen to stumble into them occasionally
in my work.  The type HN is a much newer connector, used in high
frequency, high voltage applications.  It is essentially a high voltage
wersion of a type N, about 30% larger in diameter. A good place to start
looking for the british connectors might be on the WS-19 group, these
guys operate sets that use the connectors you speak of.


Jim Berry wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I got several WWII receivers that use a coax connector that has a
> banana pin inside them.  I am quite sure the connectors just snapped
> into place.  Can someone tell me what these connectors were called?
> Does anyone know where I can find any?  I really hate to change them
> out.
> While I am at it, I have been told that the Navy did use type HN
> connectors on their transmitters.  Are these by chance the same as on
> my receivers?
> 73 Jim K7SLI
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