Need Help ID'ing TUBE Telefunken AZ11.............

Robert Ross va3sw at HOME.COM
Sat Jul 7 19:15:42 EDT 2001

Hello Folks:

I picked up a Bunch of weird Tubes today..and I can't find a listing for 
these anywhere???? If anybody can help me to ID these...I would appreciate it.

Telefunken AZ11

Tall Slender GT Shaped Tube with Plastic Base
Has a Weird European 8 Pin Base
(3 Pins on One Side, and 5 Pins on the Other).

Looks like it may be some kind of Industrial Rectifier???

Has Dual Plates....and a Round Halo Getter on the Side.

Telefunken Diamond Logo on Top of Tubes and AZ11

I would like to know exactly what these are, what their Application is and 
any other Info you may have!!
Somebody must know what the Heck these are???

Thanks Guys...73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross VA3SW
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