NCX-3 tuning help needed

Stephens, Al Allan.Stephens at EKU.EDU
Sun Jul 8 17:29:46 EDT 2001

Hey, y'all,

     Here I am in Springfield, Illinois, for a few weeks and brought along
an NCX-3 to use while here... and forgot to bring the instruction book.  It
has been a year since I last fired it up (used it on Field Day last year) so
have been out-of-touch with the tuning for a while.

     So I need:

  (1) bias setting (just in case it got rattled loose during the long trip
getting here), and
  (2) basic tuning instructions, particularly what meter readings to aim

    Please help me get on the air here - and thanks in advance!

   73,  Al  N5AIT
  Allan.Stephens at

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