FS: Lafayette HA-225 Receiver

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Jul 13 08:26:17 EDT 2001

Lafayette HA-225 Receiver in very good condition.

Has general coverage and also bandspread for the amateur bands.
1966 era. Has Five (5) bands: 150-400kHz, 1.6-4.8MHz, 4.8-14.5MHz, 10.5-30Mhz, 48-54MHz

Additional bands for bandspread on the amateur radio bands.

14 tubes: 6AQ8 (6m rf), 6BL8 (6m mix/osc), 6BA6 (rf), 6BE6 (mix), 6AQ8 (Q-Mult/Calib), 2
6BA6 (if), 6AL5 (det, anl), 6BE6 (pro det.), 6AQ8 (af,bfo), 6AQ5 (af out), 0A2 (reg),
6CA4 (rect)

Interesting design in that it covers all the way up through 6 meters, and has the output
transformer mounted diagonally to reduce induced hum from power transformer.
 {HYPERLINK "http://member.nifty.ne.jp/hanazawa/radio/lafayette/"}
Will sell for $95.00 plus shipping

Also have a Lafayette external speaker to go with it.
Model 99-2521 - matches their classic receivers. Excellent condition.
Will sell for $20.00 plus shipping

Pictures available

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