DX-35 and DX-40 crystal cover doors

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Mon Jul 16 22:56:39 EDT 2001

The project is proceeding.  WB6TNL has offered an original door to use
as a model.  It should be in my hands either Wednesday or Thursday.

Today I located some 26 gauge sheet steel.  I could not locate any 24
gauge and the 22 gauge that is available is way too thick.  26 gauge
seems to be about the thickness on my DX-35 case.  Therefore, for the
time being, I will use 26 gauge.

I also have on order the "proper" paint.  At least what is on the market
to match the DX-35 / DX-40 case color.  This will be used to overspray
the black wrinkle paint that I am using.  The locally available black
wrinkle (now the "in" thing for the auto customizing crowd) is a pretty
good match for the original wrinkle on my DX-35 and DX-20 (which uses a
different type of crystal door - fortunately, my DX-20 is complete!).

When I am out of the "prototype" stage and into production will let
everyone know.  Hopefully, that will be by sometime next week (depends
on the paint arriving).

Glen, K9STH

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