Plessey PR-155

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Wed Jul 18 05:47:40 EDT 2001

Hello from Vienna !

After a lot of work with the receiver (its not complete finished), I
have put some pictures of this fine receiver on my webpage at: .
You can find the link after entering the  1st. page in the left frame
under "Receivers" => Plessey PR-155.

Perhaps someone of you is interested in although its a Solid State
receiver. I also like these old tube receivers more, but this is a nice
rare solid state one. Give it a try, you are invited for a short visit !

The members of the Collins reflectors please excuse this little off
topic email !

Have a nice day !
73 de Kurt OE 1002419                ICQ-UIN 43074273
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