Tube pictures

Alan Gutfrucht alang at ESSEX1.COM
Sat Jul 21 00:08:48 EDT 2001


Great pictures!

I have written your son a thank-you.

I plan on printing and framing my favorite for the shack.

Regards, Alan WB2FZC

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From: "Roger A. McCarty" <rmccarty at EARTHLINK.NET>
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 2:10 AM
Subject: Tube pictures

> Hello guys/gals
> I have posted a couple of pictures that my Son has drawn of tubes
> to Amateur Radio (3-500Z, 807, 6SN7). You can view them at;
> Use the JPG's for viewing. The BMP's are higher resolution files, 1.5 Mb
> above.
> You are welcome to use them for any hobby related purpose however, no
> pecuniary interest or returns whatsoever. Please do not use them on any
> site with pop-up banner ads that are or are not under your control.
> If you like them and/or use them, I would appreciate you dropping an
> to Sean at; freejack2 at to encourage him further.
> Enjoy!
> Roger KD6CC

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