New Virus problem

J. Forster jfor at ONEMAIN.COM
Sun Jul 22 11:24:56 EDT 2001

This is NOT a hoax. This is for real.

In the last two days I have received TWO messages from "Bob
Singleton"<angels at>

Each has contained two attached files: The first file was a text file called
"Part 1.1" and contains the first line "Hi!  How are you?"  This is innocuous.
It then goes on to ask your advice and wants you to open the second file.

**********  DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ********************************

The second files were called:

"Contempory"  or  "Electmotr.doc.pif"  and almost certainly
contain a wom. Please read the  warning at:

IMO, delete the whole message WITHOUT OPENING THE ATTACHED FILES. Don't mess
with it.

Be careful,

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