New Virus problem

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Sun Jul 22 13:08:10 EDT 2001

jfor at writes...

>This is NOT a hoax. This is for real.
>"Contempory"  or  "Electmotr.doc.pif"  and almost certainly
>contain a worm. Please read the  warning at:
>IMO, delete the whole message WITHOUT OPENING THE ATTACHED FILES. Don't mess
>with it.

Normally I don't respond to virus warnings like this except to make a
couple of points:

o   Sircam is REAL and it's potentially as destructive as Kournikova
o   Its most insidious effect is that it sends a randomly chosen file from
your hard drive to one of the people it forwards itself to.  This means
that your confidential information CAN and WILL be compromised.
o   If you are not using Windows as your OS, you are INVULNERABLE to Sircam
-- except that you may receive mailings from its victims

Of the emails I've already received from Sircam victims, I've already
reaped a significant and tangible business advantage.

Use your own judgment when opening Sircom-infected attachments.   Since I
do not use Windows (or any other Microsoft internet access programs either,
for that matter), I am immune and am reaping the benefits from those less
fortunate tman me.


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