SG111 URM-25E Signal Generator

David Hollander n7rk at DANCRIS.COM
Sun Jul 29 15:50:55 EDT 2001

One of my treasures from the Flagstaff, Arizona hamfest this weekend was
a SG111 URM-25E Signal Generator for $5. I was amazed how heavy this
little unit was when i carried it to the parking lot!. All of the probes
are missing of course but it does have it's cover. The unit seems to
work fine except the dial lights are burned out and when I removed them,
they were not type #47's.

Any suggestions on where to get replacements or a mod to replace them
with something that might be more available?

Also got a Sprague TO-4 cap checker for $2 which appears to be OK.
Interested in comments on this unit as well.

Not that many boatanchors compared to past years plus the prices were a
bit on the high side for junk. A few bargains were to be had. My buddy
picked up a beautiful SP-600JX for $200.

The hamfest was not that great after going for 27 years. They raised the
sellers fees to $30 for a space after it has been down around $10 or
less for many years. I believe this scared off many sellers. They also
began charging a dollar to get in which is not a big deal but this has
never been done before. Coupled with that it was 95 degrees which for
Flag is pretty darn hot since it is at 7000 feet elevation and we
Phoenicians go there to get some relief from the heat.

The economy may also have been responsible for the poor attendance??

Any suggestions on the pilot lights would be much appreciated.

Tnx and 73,

Dave N7RK

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