75A1 and Mohawk

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Mon Jul 30 16:48:52 EDT 2001

Wanted Collins 75A1 and Heathkit Mohawk

The following is not "hardline", but is real Andrews Heliax.  The Heliax
is for pickup in Richardson, Texas (north side of Dallas) ONLY.  I will
consider shipping lengths of ½ inch Heliax ONLY in trade for either
Collins 75A1 or Heath Mohawk.  Again, pickup only unless trading for the
either of the two receivers mentioned.  This Heliax is used but in very
good condition.

Heliax is available for sale or trade.

Quantity 1    160 foot 1/2 inch
Quantity 2    200 foot 1/2 inch
Quantity 1    225 foot 1/2 inch
Quantity 1    50 foot 7/8 inch (no connectors)
Quantity 1    100 foot 7/8 inch

Almost all have connectors

Various shorter lengths of 1/2 inch and 7/8 inch without connectors

$1.25 per foot for the ½ inch Heliax plus $15 each for the connectors.
$2.25 per foot for the 7/8 inch Heliax plus $22.50 for the connectors.

I can ship the following:

Quantity 2    6 foot 3/8 inch with type "N" male NEW
Quantity 1    6 foot 3/8 inch with type "N" male USED

New $25 plus $5 shipping, used $15 plus $5 shipping.  These are often
used for duplexer connections.

Glen, K9STH

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