WBT Goodie Grab "Report"

Ron Lawrence kc4yoy at TRELLIS.NET
Sun Jun 3 19:59:06 EDT 2001

Well I guess after the prodding from Mr. Miller
I'll have to go ahead and do some sort of report
on the fun at WBT's transmitter site Saturday morning.

As happens with "most" antique radio events
there was a good crowd already there waiting
when I arrived. We had intended for our clubs
officers to be the first ones in to make sure
that we hadn't missed anything of historical interest
that should be saved for our "future" museum.
But instead of barring the door, we let everyone in
at the same time.
The best way to describe it is a "feeding frenzy".
Things happened so fast I didn't even have time
to think about taking any photos until it was
all over.

As Ted said the basement had been the stations
junk pile for over 60 years.
There's was lots and lots of misc. electronic
"stuff" that had just been tossed in a pile.
Lots of tape decks, cart machines & carts,
test equipment, large tubes (10-875B's, 3-892R's
& 1 852 (I think) 50kw water cooled tube)
there were 3 "On The Air" lighted signs,
stacks of old computers (that went in the dumpster)
there were 2 really nice RCA OP-5 remote amps from
the early 40's.

After all the goodies were loaded in our cars and vans
we then started toting the left over junk that no one
wanted to the dumpster. By 11AM the basement
was clean.

Unfortunately the station management had decided
that they wanted to keep all of the mics and all
of the records. Some of these may become available
at a later date.

I brought home several things that I found and
several things that some of my "friends" stashed
in my van when I wasn't looking.

With the exception of some locals that showed up
a little late and were disappointed that there
was noting left, EVERYONE else had a great time.

After the event of the guys from out of town
followed me home to visit my collection.

As they say, "A good time was had by all".



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