[TEST-EQUIPMENT] Hickok 800 Schematic GOT IT!

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Schematic  GOT IT!":

> Thanks to all who responded.  I have a copy of the schematic now.  I
> should be able to get it going but it would have been much more
> difficult without your help.

I don't know if anyone has given any tips yet, but I found on my
800 *AND* my 6000 when the bias voltages disappeared, there was a
bad "common" connection from the transformer.

This connection point is on an unused pin of one of the tube
sockets. I really can't recall what number socket it was, but I
remember it was the first socket in line after the transformer.
You just follow the transformer lead to that pin, and that may be
where the problem is. Remember it's not an active pin for the
tube, it's just used as a distribution point for the transformer

A blob of solder on that connection point put me back in
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