Don Buska D.Buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Tue Jun 5 13:17:33 EDT 2001

Hi Dee,

They can be purchased new from Millen Electronics:

Snail us at:
  PO Box 4215
  Andover MA

Our Telephone is:
  978 975 2711    BEST HOURS MON.-THUR 9:30 TO 2:00
  978 474 8949 (Fax)  24 HOURS



Don N9OO

P.S.  I have no connection with Millen Electronics, but I have talked numerous times
with Ralph KA1FAA the owner.

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001 06:26:17 -0700, Dee Almquist wrote:

>Hello Fellow Boatanchorites
>Looking for few HV connectors that were common back in the '50s & '60s. They
>were made in different colors, had a screw cap on the HV wire end that
>screwed into the chassis mount. I seem to remember that the Collins KWS-1
>used one on these from the pwr supply cab to RF deck.
>The parts that I have (the chassis mount part) are mounted w / 2 screws. But
>the cable end screw caps are missing. I need 3 of these or complete
>connectors. Btw, I took a .jpg if that will help.
>Second alternative is another type of chassis HV connector capable of 2500v.
>Probably could use PL 259s but that's not my 1st choice.
>Any suggestions appreciated.
>73 es Dee

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