Low grid drive Globe Chief

john w. king jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sat Jun 9 14:33:51 EDT 2001

Any Globe Chief Gurus out there. The 6AG7 isn't driving the 807s hard
enough. Finals pulling 160 ma. and putting out about 35 watts. One 807 in
the Chief is putting out 28 watts so it is obvious (I think) that there is
insufficient drive to the two 807s. Have checked voltages and find that
instead of -65 volts, I have about -70 volts and where 210 volts is
specified, I have about 190 vdc.. Where 510 vdc. is specified, I have about
478 vdc. I do not have 520 vdc. anywhere.

If you are familar with the problem, please share your knowledge with me. I
have changed all tubes out with no improvement. Whatcha think? 73, John,

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