Data for Heath computers- the last of the boat anchors

H. W. Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Tue Jun 19 18:53:47 EDT 2001

These items are offered as one lot for computer historians or Heath
collectors. Asking $100 OBO for the lot, postage included.

Heathkit manual for the digital computer, Model H8. Copyright 1977. 98

Heathkit manual for the panel monitor, XCON-8. 106 pages, copyright 1980.

Software catalog published 1979 by Heath Users Group. 96 pages. The
introduction says "...a diversified collection of programs, subroutines,
and procedures..." The index includes 4 ham radio programs, 43 games, 9
computer assisted instruction programs, 8 financial programs, and 30
utility programs. An abstract is included for each program.

Heathkit Electronics and Computer Education catalog. Undated but probably
from the same era as other items listed. Cover says " New! Courses In:
personal computer servicing, troubleshooting, and networking." 98 pages.
Photocopy, 7 pages - Heath CPS: Computerized Phone System, copyright
1980. Intro says "...a program running under HDOS that permits a user to
interface has H8?H89 computer thru a modem..."

Full Line Catalog for Heath/Zenith computers, Winter '84, 36 pages.
Published by Quikdata Computer Services, Inc.

Photocopy, 6 page article in the January, 1975 issue of Popular
Electronics: "Altair 8800, The most powerful minicomputer project ever
presented - can be built for under $400."

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