Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Wed Jun 20 09:58:19 EDT 2001

I'm speculating for future REFINISH projects. How many Valiant ll may be
still in existance. I know the paint falls off the panels. I have one that
I'm redoing for myself.

Who are interested (seriously) in refinishing their Viking-ll?

An update on the Johnson 500 project. I havent moved forward on this project
over last report. But am moving project to front burner now. As mentioned
before, I have most of the art work done & film for panel is ready to "burn"
screens. This will be a 5 stage refinish job, rather involved. Now that we
have the screen printing shop operational, the "500" is next. I have at
present 8 committments for these for 1st run.

I would also like to know your other Johnson needs. The number of replies on
each item will give me an idea what is popularly needed. And how about the
Hammarlund HQ-170 / 180 series receivers? I already have screens for the 180
& 180A.

Do me a favor. Pass this info on to other reflectors or folks you know that
I have'nt reached. I need to know where BA folks hang out on internet.
73 es Dee

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