Heathkit HW-9 Power connector

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Jun 21 17:44:14 EDT 2001

Hi, Guys

I'll put this on the Heath list as well, but I always seem to get the
best and fastest answers here on this list.

Purchased a little QRP rig -- the HW-9 but it didn't come with a power
supply or connecting cable.  Bought a non-Heath power supply and therein
lies a tale.

The power connector on the back of the HW-9 is a 2-pin male plug that
looks like a house tipped on its side.  (Three sides of a rectangle with
the fourth side consisting of two lines meeting at a point, making a
little "roof.")

Radio shack has connectors with the right shape but the wrong size.

I looked at Mouser's catalog but didn't find what I was looking for.
Any ideas?  Anyone have a female connector that would match the male
connector on the HW-9, or does anyone have the whole cable?

If not, any ideas where I could get one?  (I'd rather not modify the
HW-9 by changing out its connector etc.)

All help sincerely appreciated.


Ron - K5MVR

K5MVR - Loving the "glow" since 1957
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