k5ceg k5ceg at NETO.COM
Sat Jun 23 02:03:15 EDT 2001

why does mr zook always have to be the center of attention.especially when it comes to being an authority on something. ive always found that there are educated fools out there. they spend all there time getting book smarts they lose reality with the whole world.mr zook has made claims that he can overhaul any a3-a2-a4 receiver with-in 1 hour.change all the caps, align, etc.hell i cant even take it apart in that time. but after all i have made a living doing that .but anyone can take a cource in public speaking and think he can snow anyone. and some he can and some he cant.play on words all you want mr zook. we all know what a fast talker stands for.    chuck 

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