john w. king jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sat Jun 23 18:00:42 EDT 2001

You public gripers who are attacking Mr. Groom and Mr. Zook are as
agrravating and aggitating as they are. QUESTION: When you get screwed on a
deal or your widowed relative or friend gets conned out of her husband's ham
estate, will you be so quiet and professional or will you go to yelping like
a whipped dog? I happen to believe that it is good for the hobby if the
crooks are labeled or the false accusers are revealed.

I don't find the subject matter you complain about as aggravating as some
person starting a thread about how to remove Parrot Poop from the grille of
a Tasmanian built SLT 47 regenerative receiver and receiving 1, 907
suggestions, all of which disagree with the others, or some goof starts
"wondering out loud" what if Art Collins had built the Messiner Signal
Shifter and would it have been a signal shifter if Art had built it? Then
there are those who start a thread that Mr. Heath is alive and well and is
going to sell kits again, and if he doesn't, why don't we defy good business
practices and do it ourselves? Then there are those who smoke the wacky
tobaccy and start "what iffin" all over the reflectors and the thread goes
on for weeks. The reflectors are like soap operas, you can leave for two
weeks and not miss a thing because the nauseating threads just go on and on
and on and on and on, and most of the time don't make a diddily S______

So all of you reflector police think about it!!! With your opinion AND MINE
you can usually take 75 cents and get a good cup of coffee here in
Louisiana!!! If you don't like it, don't read it!!! If you don't want to
keep it, delete it!!!  Just as I take nausea medicine because of all the
meaningless jibberish threads that all the "what iffers" and "wonderers"
start, you can go to Wal Mart and get some generic alka seltzers and "be
happy" LIKE ME!!!!!

By the way, think about this, keeping silent about bad business deals only
protects the crook and if the crook isn't a crook and someone is calling him
one, then to muzzle the alleged crook isn't fair to the ALLEGED CROOK. How
else can he exonerate himself? I believe these folks who want to police our
free speech would probably be the first ones to take our guns. This is not
meant as personal to Al(Anchor) or Marvin, because I consider them my
reflector friends, but I believe we should not attempt to silence opponents
just for the sake of peace. Peace is not a NORMAL state of existence, there
has always been and and always will be wars and rumors of wars. Only the
present day American would rather lay down to tyranny. Flame away, but as
Mr. Zook said I will consider the source as you have done already. 73,
Peace, and "Be Happy", John, K5PGW

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