Time To Cry Guys SX88

Gary Harmon gharmon at IDWORLD.NET
Mon Jun 25 22:43:31 EDT 2001

Hi Jim,

Your comparison is to me like comparing apples and oranges.  Offering a lowball
amount to a widow or even to an older ham or anyone else is morally wrong.
Buying items at an auction is fair for the seller and sometimes fair for the
buyer.  Personally I buy and sell a few things to keep a little money flowing in
the hobby.  I've even shipped a few items to oversea locations and in each case
the buyer was a collector and user.

The "Golden Rule" comes into play here also.

73, gary

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 Alan Gutfrucht <alang at ESSEX1.COM> says...

>I have an interesting story along the same line that happened to me this
>A fellow ham friend of mine called me up to tell me about an SK estate
>auction that was taking place in our little Illinois town.

I like a bargain at least as much as the other guy -- but how far is this
picture from the "swindling the SK's widow" scenario?  I do hope that the
other bidder provided good homes for those rigs -- in the United States,
and preferably in his own shack.


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