FS:Globe Scout 680, MFJ filter, Kenwood 2m converter, Yaesu speaker mic, more

Henry H Eckman hhe at GWI.NET
Wed Jun 27 17:18:45 EDT 2001

Good Evening All,

  The following are from an estate.  Have not used any of the gear.
Listened to the SB-102s.

Globe Scout 680.  All there.  Correct knobs and meter.  Crystal socket
chipped.  Cabinet needs refinishing.  Panel lettering OK, corner bent and
restraightened.  Looks as if dropped when out of the cabinet.  Not a real
looker.  $65.

MFJ  CWF-2  cw filter.  Used, though looks new.  $20.

Kenwood  CC-29A  2 meter converter.  Specific application, the R-599.
Probabaly adaptable to others.   NIB.  $20.

Yaesu  YM-24A speaker mic.  NIB.  $10.

James Millen  Model 10035 Panel Dial.  Used, in excellent condx.  Original
box.  $10.

Hallicrafters HT-37.  Nice original condition.  Minor scuffs on cabinet,
panel excellent.  All correct knobs.  Transformer checked OK.  Very
presentable.  $225.  Heavy.

Heath SB-102.  Have two.  Both in working condition.  Both touchy tuners,
LMO's need lube.  Excellent panels.  Cabinets look OK, one has dents.  $125
either one.

All packed for shipping except the HT-37 which is pickup or professional
pack/ship.  All plus shipping from southern Maine, zip 04008.  Thanks,

   Henry, WlLVW
     Since 1957

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