FS.FT-757GXII + More

Comfort kraft admin at COMFORTTEXAS.COM
Thu Jun 28 12:16:14 EDT 2001

I am listing this for a fellow ham without internet access.
For Sale - 1- Yaesu FT-757GXII  with CAT control.
The radio is in excellent condition in all respects, both service and owners
manuals and
original packing are included.  The radio has not had much use since new.
owner bought the radio new in 1992.  He is selling to upgrade his shack.
Excellent mobile rig- comes with original Yaesu button mic-
no mobile mount, but one is available.

First $375.00 + shipping.  I can scan the brochure if you want to see the

here is one that just sold on ebay - no manuals and boxes.- $390.00
Communication Power Inc.  HF-150 Linear amplifier 80-10 meters AM-SSB-CW
all SS  w/instruction sheet- has rf sense switching, has molex for a cable
(I guess for radio switching-don't know&instruction sheet doesn't say) .Has
input receive pre-amp also.  Amp works but my friend said he had some minor
difficulty on 40m. with it-didn't remember exactly what.
Varmint Linear Base Amplifier XL-350  Uses 2 x 6LR6 sweep tubes + 1- 6KV6A
driver. large transformer , fan,nicely made by Brewer Labs, Porter OK. some
slight corrosion on the chassis . I have 1-6LR6 and 1-6KV6 spare tubes with
it. no manual or schematic- does work , but have not tested it on the air.
believed to be ok, however.
$250.00 + shipping

Palomar TX-75 solid state amplifier 4.5watts AM in- I guess 75w out (don't
know) have original box and instruction sheet.
believed to be ok , but not tested on the air (looks like nearly new)

Eico VTVM Model 221 works - has original tubes & Service + Instruction
manual- Also has HVP-1 High Voltage probe and manual - 30KV max capability.
$65.00+ shipping

2 x 6146A GE look like NOS- but untested $20.00
1 x  6336A Tung Sol- graphite plates, again looks like NOS -but untested
Everything shipped from 78013 by your method-as buyer is paying -insurance
is recommended
I am doing this to help a fellow ham -this is sort of a pre-sk sale, as he
is getting up in years.
email me with questions, as I will be the sole contact point.
Except for the yaesu, all prices are negotiable to a point- some trades

Thank You,
George R. Griesbach
505 River Oaks Rd.
Comfort, Texas, 78013
admin at comforttexas.com

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