Motorola transistor

Ed Lambert" "K1ZOK ma.locksmith at JUNO.COM
Sat Mar 3 08:41:22 EST 2001

I did a little further digging, and besides crossing to the ECG/NTE 29 it
can be replaced with the 2N5886 which are about $3 from Dalbani
(1-800-325-2264) but they have a $25 minimum order.  The 2N5886 has
thicker (0.060) pins which might be a problem if you have sockets....
but at that current, I would guess they are soldered in.

There are a number of Motorola transistors in that line that are a bit
heftier, but should replace what you have.  The MJ11030 is a 90 volt unit
(but the gain might be too high).  The 2N6274 is a 100 volt unit.  The
2N6275 is a 120 volt unit.


On Fri, 2 Mar 2001 18:03:20 -0800 Fred Holnagel <w7prv at JUNO.COM> writes:
> Off topic, but many smart guys here. (Better than the average.)
> Looking
> for a substitute for switching transisters (4) used in a 400 watt
> inverter 12VDC to 117VAC.  Motorola #69-206 also marked 8413.  Any
> subtitutions?  Thanks Fred W7PRV

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