SX-101A Help Needed

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Sun Mar 4 16:19:45 EST 2001

    Hallicrafters didn't seem to help with values of their "proprietary"
components like RF & IF coils, etc.,  that were made for their own specific
applications.  I checked the SX-101 mk2 & mk3 manuals, they use the same coil,
but no values.  The BFO coils for all the 101's are the same, and I think also
the SX-100's too.  So one from a junker may not be too hard to find.  I had a
101 junker about 3+ yrs ago, it supplied that coil for someone else.
    How has it "gone bad?"  Mechanically, or electrically?
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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Subject: SX-101A Help Needed
> Listers,
>   My friend has an SX-101A that he needs a little help with.
> Seems that one of the coils in the BFO circuit has gone
> bad and he can not identify the value of the part from
> his documentation.  It is L-22 and carries the part number:
> 054-2000-53
> Can anyone help with its value ?
> Thanks,
>    Gene K1NR/3

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