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Upon the date 08:48 PM 2/2/01 -0800, Mike Silva said something like:
>Half-cocked alert!
>OK, looks like tcm.com is NOT Turner Classic Movies.  They'll be getting my
>email anyway -- serves 'em right!  Instead go to
>http://www.turnerclassicmovies.com/SEARCH/ and search for the movie (it's
>not scheduled).  At that point you'll be asked if you want to request the
>movie, and they'll even send an email letting you know when it's scheduled.
       -- snip --

>> Hi Dave and BA fellows,
>> The best all-time favorite, for me, is the movie "Everybody's Hobby" from
>1938.  The movie centers
>> around a family (Dad, mom, sis, son and lazy uncle) and their hobbies.
>Well the son's hobby is ham
>> radio (which is featured most during the movie).  He gets the call WA6MUG
  -- snip --

Well Don, Mike and everybody interested,  I wonder if it is available on
VHS tape? Often, obscure films from many years ago are in the public domain
as a result of the copyright not being renewed or otherwise owned by
anyone. I'm guessing "Everybody's Hobby" is such a film.  I haven't
searched for one yet, but I bet there likely is a company who specializes
in selling tape copies of such P.D. films. So, if Turner doesn't actually
own the rights I wonder if they could provide the supplier's name? Or, more
plausibly, it is simply an old print Turner obtained with a bunch of film
libraries they'd bought over the years and they show it because of its
apparent oddity to modern-day non-ham observers.  Anyway, it is something
I'd like to see but have the wrong work/sleep schedule to catch it during
the wee hours as Don recalls of the last showing.

Regards,  Chris
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