Motorola xsister

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Mon Mar 5 07:03:13 EST 2001

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Subject: Motorola xsister

> Off topic, but many smart guys here. (Better than the average.)  Looking
> for a substitute for switching transisters (4) used in a 400 watt
> inverter 12VDC to 117VAC.  Motorola #69-206 also marked 8413.  Any
> subtitutions?  Thanks Fred W7PRV

The number 69-206 is probably the inverter manufacturer's part number.
Motorola will custom mark parts on high quantity orders. 8413 is a date
code, 13th week of 1984. I have several 12 and 24 volt inverters that use
the Motorola MJ11032 transistor which is rated at 50 amps, 120V, 300 watt
dissipation (proper heatsinking of course). Hope this helps


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