TV-3 & TV-10 tube testers update

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Sun Mar 11 15:38:36 EST 2001

The data collection continues for the TV-3/TV-10 "knowledge of the
ancients" project...

I just updated my TV3/TV-10 page at: with the data I
have accumulated so far and what I'm still looking for.

I've laid out the basic design for the TV-3/TV-10 settings data
file. It will be very similar to the ones I've done in the past
for the TV-2, TV-4, TV-7, and I-177 series testers.

I suspect that there is published settings data a lot later
that what I have access to so I'm waiting before I start typing
everything in so I'm still looking for more settings data before
I start on the file. The latest roll chart that I have is May of

It also appears that all of the TV-3 and TV-10 series models
were different from each other, mechanically and electrically.
When I first started this project, I had zero experience with
the TV-10 series and assumed that there would be minor
differences as there are between the various models of the
TV-2, TV-7, and I-177 series, but it appears that the differences
are much greater than that.

I'm very curious about just how many TV-3 and TV-10 series testers
were built. They're scarce as hell in my neck of the woods and it's
very seldom you see one advertised for sale anywhere across the
nation. There isn't a whole hell of a lot of data known on these
models as far as production numbers. I suspect that the total
production numbers are probably much much lower than the I-177,
TV-2, and TV-7 series.

I'd appreciate hearing from any of you that own TV-3 or TV-10
series testers along with the information that is on the
nomenclature tag. We're attempting to put together a list on
these models with high SN's, etc. for each of the contract numbers.

What I need is the model, manufacturer, who built the meter along
with the info off of the meter face, contract number, and serial
number. Any addition info like date codes off of the internal
components etc. would be a nice plus.

So far, I know of the following contract data for the TV-3 and
TV-10 series. Let's fill in the blanks. :-)

TV-3/U nothing known

TV-3A/U nothing known

TV-3B/U by Hickok with contract number of NObsr 52672

TV-3C/U by Jetronic with contract number of NObsr 59586

TV-10/U nothing known

TV-10A/U by Hickok with contract number of NObsr 71284

TV-10A/U by Hickok with contract number of NObsr 71374

TV-10B/U nothing known

TV-10C/U nothing known

TV-10D/U by Western Reserve with contract number of 85308
    SN A4 is in my possession. Any non prefixed SN out there?
    What about higher SN's?

TV-10D/U by Western Reserve with contract number of 87455

Rather than clog the list, please email your responses to me.
The data will be posted on my TV-3/TV-10 page as I compile it.

I'm still looking for a few people interested in proof reading
the settings data file as I put it together. I'm going to give
it about another month and see if I can track down some later
data. I've still got a few things to wrap up on the TV-4 series
project in the meantime.

thanks in advance,

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