KWM-2 Learning Manual

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Fri May 4 11:35:03 EDT 2001

I've had some more requests for copies of this manual and will be going
to the copy center to make some more clean copies.  If there's anybody
else who'd like a copy please let me know by replying to this or at the
e-mail address in the description at the URL below.

I think this is a very good source of quick and easy to learn concise
information for one who is first getting into tube type gear or who
needs a refresher on how to tune a tube type transceiver.  It's KWM-2
specific so should be of most interest to those who have Collins gear.

I don't get rich at $7.50 including US First Class postage in a bubble
envelope and would like to minimize the trips to do the copying.  I am
more interested in sharing it with those interested.
 KWM-2 Learning Manual

Ian, K6SDE

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