FS Plate Transformer & Choke

Wed May 9 01:23:38 EDT 2001

Should I haul these to Dayton?  They are really
big and HEAVY so unless someone wants them,
they are staying home.

Chicago Transformer p/n 52C-219
Plate Transformer Class 1A
dual 117/140V primary (I think this selects the hi/lo output)
secondary 4800V CT at 475MA or 5760V CT at 321MA
size 8" x 9" x 11"
weight 80 - 100 lbs  (too heavy to put on the scale)

Chicago Transformer p/n 56C-122
Filter Reactor  Grade 1 Class A
11 Henries at 500MA
size 6" x 7" x 8"
weight 35 lbs (I weighted this one)

These look like the plate supply parts from a broadcast
transmitter.  They are used but in good shape.  I read
good continuity on all the winding.  Using a megger it
reads no measurable leakage from the HV windings to
the case.  On the primary of the plate transformer, it reads
400M ohms to ground.  I don't know of any other tests to
do but if you have questions, please email me.

I would like $200 for the pair.  Of course what I want and
what I can get may be two different things.  Delivery to
Dayton next week is included.

[Disclaimer]  These may not be suitable for use in a
Collins broadcast transmitter, if so, then I apologize
to the collins list and you can flame away ;-))

Thanks for the bandwidth

James True N5ARW
in beautiful Hot Springs National Park, AR

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