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Kees & Sandy Talen talen at INETPORT.COM
Fri May 11 22:10:30 EDT 2001

The only funds vehicle in $US I have ever had to pay something
to process in the U.S. was if the item did not have the bank code
magnetic/optical set of numbers on the bottom. Things are
so automated here in the U.S. that those require manual
intervention and going through a "Clearing House". The I.M.O.s
I've received all had the bank code magnetic/optical numbers.

73s  Kees K5BCQ

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> Hello from Vienna !
> I have a question: Several times I used an International Money Order I
> bought at American Express here in Vienna - Austria. Up to 200 $ US the
> prize is about 5 $.
> Today a ham from the states told me, that he has to pay bank charges of
> $10.00 to clear a IMO. More than 20 times I sent an IMO from American
> Express (the only bank here in Vienna where we can buy a IMO) and the
> friends in the states never told me that they have to pay for changing.
> I thought, these MOrders from American Express can be changed at every
> bank or USP Office.
> Is this correct ?
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