Schematic/Manual WTD - SX-101 & HT-32

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Tue May 15 15:40:23 EDT 2001

I have just brought home an SX-101 and HT-32.  (NO A, B or otherwise.)
No manual or schematics.

I find manuals available on BAMA for the HT-32A and HT-32/MKI.

I find manuals available on BAMA for the SX-101A and SX-101/MKII

I haven't downloaded any of these and won't until tomorrow when I have
access to a broad band connection.  I suspect there are going to be
significant differences between the schematics in these manuals and the
equipment I have.  I recall quite a few changes in the SX-101 during the
time it was current production, particularly with regard for SSB

Does anybody have schematics for the early versions of these two pieces
of gear?  Electronic form if they'll print out and piece together well
or paper that I'd be happy to pay for copying and mailing?

Ian, K6SDE

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