J. Forster jfor at ONEMAIN.COM
Wed May 16 01:12:25 EDT 2001

> This came in and is of interest to all, IMO:

> You're not the only one having trouble with eBay and radio gear. Here's a
> fairly long thread from the ham radio site www.qrz.com complaining about
> eBay.  eBay is obviously (1) clueless and (2) not even trying to deal in good
> faith regarding this issue.

> <http://www.qrz.com/article.pl?sid=01/05/12/0955228&mode=thread>

This seems familiar. I had a similar experience with a WW II tank radio. On the
one hand, eBay cannot be expected to be an expert in all things, but  when I
forwarded the FCC info to them, including a note from the responsible FCC
official, they didn't do anything. Unfortunately some of us are forced to live
on the crumbs that fall through the cracks.


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