Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed May 16 07:29:39 EDT 2001

I read the article at qrz.com -
this is really disgraceful behavior on the part of eBray.

Makes me glad that I have had virtually no dealings
with their program up to this point. I hqave bought maybe two items and sold only one
via eBray and I was not greatly pleased with the experience.

In my estimation, there may be NUMEROUS problems with fraud, shills etc.

If someone does not know what a shill is, that is when the seller has a friend (or even
another fake account of his/her own) and runs up the prices on things by bidding
amounts that will be borne (if necessary) by the seller.

When it comes to auctions, CAVEAT EMPTOR. I prefer to stick to the e-mail lists
where we all somewhat know each other, when it comes to buying and selling BA rigs

On 16 May 2001, at 1:12, J. Forster wrote in TEMPE BOATANCHORS:

> > This came in and is of interest to all, IMO:
> > You're not the only one having trouble with eBay and radio gear. Here's a
> > fairly long thread from the ham radio site www.qrz.com complaining about
> > eBay.  eBay is obviously (1) clueless and (2) not even trying to deal in good
> > faith regarding this issue.


> This seems familiar. I had a similar experience with a WW II tank radio. On the
> one hand, eBay cannot be expected to be an expert in all things, but  when I
> forwarded the FCC info to them, including a note from the responsible FCC
> official, they didn't do anything. Unfortunately some of us are forced to live
> on the crumbs that fall through the cracks.
> John

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