WTB: Frequency display dial for Heathkit

Jeff Anderson jwanderson at COLONIALASSEMBLY.COM
Thu May 31 12:07:39 EDT 2001

Hello All,

I am looking for the round KHz frequency display dial for a Heathkit SB-310.
This is the black dial that attaches direcly to the shaft of the LMO and
displays 0 - 100 KHz of the tuned frequency.  This item also provides drive
for the pointer that displays the 100 KHz tuning.
I am guessing that this item is common to all the SB-3xx receivers???
Anyone have one of these that they will part with?
Please send me a note, with your price, shipped to Brigham City, UT  84302.

-- Jeff Anderson
jwanderson at favorites.com

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