Collins dilema

Dave Ellison deellison at USWEST.NET
Sun Nov 4 21:56:02 EST 2001

Hello all,

How difficult is it to align a Collins 75S-3B receiver?  I just bought
a complete S-line from a local who is moving to a 'home' and wanted
his radios to go to a good guy.  He was my Elmer 30 years ago,
and I always wanted to buy his S-line when he wanted to move it
on.  I already have an S-line, but I bought his anyway.  He's the
original owner.

Well, the receiver is not nearly as 'tight' as my 75S-3, plus it has
been modified - he cleverly added a second crystal board and
switch/light so he could switch an entire SW bank in to listen
to the SW bands.  It has all filters, including both CW.

But the filters are 'broad' - the skirts seem too wide - WAY
wider than in my receiver, even on the 200hz filter.  The noise
level is high, dial alignment is off, and the audio is raspy.  There
are other small mods inside of unknown purpose.  It really
needs a qualified going-through.

The transmitter isn't working well at all right now, and is lacking
the crystal pack so it must run off the receiver.  It ran at full output
for a while, but now is only running driver power.  Maybe the
finals went to heaven...  I will try another set.

So I need to do a lot of work to get his S-line back up to snuff,
and I'm not at all sure I am qualified to align Collins.  I've done
an S-85 or two, but never anything likea Collins.  I can't sell
the set, cuz he sold it to me for just $800 and I'd be going back
on my word to sell it.   I had planned on selling my other S-line to
justify buying his.

So what am I up against?  Should I send it out for repair and pay
a zillion dollars, or try to do it myself?

Ideas anyone?


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