[ARC5] here is my want list!!!!

Chris Mangus chris.mangus at ASU.EDU
Wed Nov 7 17:11:02 EST 2001

To this lists...

Ed runs a fantastic museum called the Southwest Museum of Engineering,
Communications and Computation which contains boatanchor items of all
sorts...it is most unbelievable what an incredible array of things he's
assembled, both common and rare.  You name it and I'll bet he has it on

Far from being spam, the items Ed is seeking support the boatanchor
community as a whole.  He has resources available far beyond the actual
hardware which we can all benefit from.

Chris / N7WBZ

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Subject: Re: [ARC5] here is my want list!!!! I am always looking for
professional journals, conference proceedings, and upper-level and
graduate-level books in EE and related areas of applied physics. Early
childrens books on these subject wanted also! I look for

Ed -

I appreciate that you are seeking a lot of items for whatever reason. As a
subscriber, I'd appreciate very much if you didn't spam the lists with it,
however. Much of what you have listed is not relavent to all of the lists.

Please - try to be considerate of others and not just think of your wants
you have an idea like this? It's very inconsiderate.

Thank you in advance -

de Todd,  KA1KAQ

ed sharpe wrote:

> here is our want list!!!! We am always looking for


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