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Ed Tanton n4xy at ATT.NET
Tue Nov 13 01:41:25 EST 2001

Hello All... I have been working on the website a bit lately... a lot of
small things, and I wanted to point out a few of the (hopefully) more
interesting areas:

1st) I have finally written up the story on my historically unique RACAL
RA-17C-12 AN/URR-501A. Also, on the subject of RACAL, I recently
obtained the matching Analog LF converter for the RA-17... extends the
lower frequency capability all the way down to 12.5kHz (!!!) while
retaining all the superb characteristics of the RA-17C-12. With photos
of both. See: <> ;

2nd) I have scanned the negative and added a particularly nice photo I
did on a clear and cold morning out in the middle of nowhere in Germany
in 1969. It's not too bad, I think:
<> ;

3rd) There are some changes and improvements to my [ Dual Channel
8-Input / 4 Output ] per channel Audio Controller. The 'final'
schematics are being slowly finished-and parts bought (where needed) as
I write this. Truly what a lot of expense for the required number of a
certain high quality brand of (gold) RCA jacks. Further decisions have
been made on components for switching, displays, connectors, and power
supplies. Not all of those decisions are reflected in the schematics-but
when I'm finished they will be. 100% of all designs, components, and
construction-eventually. As I said at the button on the webpage: you
might keep an eye on this project as it comes to fruition: I hope the
process, as it matures, will itself (as illustrated at almost every
step) be interesting and educational (has been for me so far.) The
website page is: <>.

And finally, things to come on the website:
1) photos of my very nice PACO VTVM w/original manual & probe. They were
an EICO competitor, and I have their GDO as well;
2) I am planning to modify the two Kenwood florescent clocks I have to
add a battery-backed-up time base, so you don't have to go through that
incredibly complicated procedure to reset the practically useless
son-of-a-guns every time the power burps. Starting freq for the timebase
will either be one of the several 60MHz 1/2 sized can osc's I just
picked up-or, something like it. If I can find the 50Hz
switch/jumper/whatever, I will use the 10MHz TXCO I got last year. This
will be a documented construction project;
3) The next 'rig of the month' (which usually works out to at least 3
months or more) will be my JRC NRD-515 rcvr and NST-515 transmitter.
Both need some small attention first, but when working will be suitably
photographed for the 'Current Rig' on the main Ham radio page;
4) And, last, and best, I have just concluded a deal to purchase one of
my all time favorite receivers: the Drake R-7. I foolishly sold mine
several years ago, and was regretting it before it was boxed to go-but
it was part of a VERY large 7-line sale, and there was no choice about
including it in the deal. Like the RACAL RA-17, this one has a small
story I will tell when it is here, and 'online'.

P.S. About the website: with the exception of the 1st page ("INDEX.HTM")
I already know that if you click on the blue oval "Website Map" button
on some pages, you'll get a run-time error message. This is a new
"rollover-button maker" program I got that works fine, but has to be
done in a certain manner in order for it to work just like the one on
index.htm works. I had already put it into 5 or 6 pages before I found
out it wasn't working right. It will not lock you up or anything, just
give you the error message. Just tell it "No" you don't want to debug
it. I'll have it fixed this week. As you can see from the one of the
Index page, it works nicely when you do it right. For those of you
without JAVA "enabled" it won't do much at all I imagine. Everything
considered (it IS free, after all) you ought to think about installing
the small runtime package.

73  Ed Tanton  N4XY  <n4xy at>

Ed Tanton  N4XY
189 Pioneer Trail
Marietta, GA  30068-3466


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