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g sixty three g-sixty_three at JUNO.COM
Sun Nov 18 18:16:12 EST 2001

greetings all,
the following heath items are for sale:

1. Heath SG-8 RF Signal Generator in good condition
and seems to work also. dial scale covers 160khz to
110mhz (220 w/harmonics). has some black paint spatter
on front top right (removed some with my thumbnail).
minor muck and dust. i tested on bench and generated
signals heard at 1530khz and 7240khz easily. $20

see pix at: http://mars.100megsdns.com/SG-8.JPG

2. Heath AG-8 Audio Signal Generator in very good
condition and appears to work. nice front panel and
case and all original. with minor dust and muck.
i tested this on the bench, the switches and controls
could use some deox-it. stable after warm up. dial
scale shows 20hz to 200khz $35

see pix at: http://mars.100megsdns.com/AG-8.JPG

3. Heathkit Oscilloscope Calibrator IG-4505 in good
condition and works well. some scrapes and scratches.
dial ranges, volts 1mv to 100v and time 1us to .1s $25

see pix at: http://mars.100megsdns.com/IG-4505.JPG

plus shipping - thanks tom


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